Fight breaks out on campus

By Nader Ramadan

Two unidentified male students exchanged blows during a fight in the area between the Core building and the Science and Engineering  (SSE) building at noon today.

Shouts and screams could be heard as a large crowd of wide-eyed students gathered around and struggled to pull the two parties apart. One of the parties finally emerged out of the brawl with his shirt torn.

The reason for the fight is still unknown, and eyewitness accounts vary as to how it started.

“I saw very uncivilized behavior,” said Hossam El Sallab, an engineering student.

Another witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said that one of the students slapped the other, who then responded by taking off his shirt. “He took off his t-shirt and he wanted to hit him but he was prevented by the crowd.”

In another account, student Amr Zakaria explained, “One guy pushed the other and punched him in the face.”

Security official General Mohsen Wadie said the two parties left the scene when security arrived. He added that if they were caught they would file a behavior case against them.

Wadie said there are 15 internal security patrols in the morning shift.


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