Flamenco for the shy and the veiled

By Zeina Tawakol 

Dressed in black tights, tap dancing shoes and a red skirt, Yasmin Eid swirled to Spanish folk music on Sunday afternoon in front of the Science and Engineering building.

Eid, president of the Flamenco Fusion club, performed for passersby to promote her club, which will offer women’s dance classes this semester starting Oct. 8.

Zeina Tawakol

Yasmin Eid twirled to Spanish sounds, to the delight of fellow AUC students. Photo: Zeina Tawakol

“I performed this dance to attract and entertain people, because music always attracts people,” Eid said, handing out flyers that read, ‘Wanna dance but you’re veiled or shy? Here is your opportunity to have some fun!’

Eid explained many girls felt uncomfortable attending the mixed dance classes offered by the club in previous semesters.

Reserving classes exclusively for women would help them feel more at ease, she said, and allow veiled women to remove their scarves during class.

Eid’s performance attracted a small crowd of viewers.

“[It] was catchy, entertaining, and awkward, but I am not interested in dancing so I won’t join the club,” said Souraya Kahalah, a business administration senior.

Students can sign up this week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Flamenco Fusion’s booth, located in front of Cinnabon.


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One response to “Flamenco for the shy and the veiled

  1. Cherry

    Wish I was still in AUC. These classes sound very interesting.

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