A happy iftaar for the children

By Alya Hosny

The Anti Cancer Team hosted an iftaar for 200 children and their parents on Sept. 26 at the old campus in Tahrir Square.

The group holds annual events for the patients. This was their first charity iftaar this Ramadan.

“When you realize that you can put a smile on a sad face, it is the most beautiful and satisfying feeling in the world,” explained Sara Etman, president of the ACT, and one of 150 group members on hand to help out.

McDonald’s catered the event, and a Ronald McDonald clown and musician performed for the delight of the children, most who are long-term cancer patients.

The children were handed party hats and toys to play with on their way in to the dinner. They received another gift bag assembled by ACT members, filled with watches, toy mobile phones, and Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s.

“I didn’t expect it to turn out like this,” said Omar Abouseif, Vice President of the ACT. “There were a lot of complications with time and organization, but the outcome was great.”



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