Student organizations step in to resolve food shortage

By Nadine Dafrawy and Rania El Embaby

Student organizations at The American University in Cairo (AUC) have begun to offer students alternative food options in response to the on-campus food shortage and the lack of food variety.

Both the Student Union (SU) and the Foreign Students Association (FSA) have set up booths offering sandwiches, salads and snacks at lower prices than those of Delicious Inc., the Egyptian-Saudi food consortium now managing campus food outlets.

Anyone trying to buy food from Cilantro, Jared’s Bagels, Mercato Italiano and Cinnabon, the only available food outlets, has discovered regular food shortages and long queues since last week.

“It is ironic that the elite people of AUC are standing in a food queue,” said Farida Mokhtar, an economics sophomore.

The FSA booth, working in collaboration with International Student Affairs (ISA), sells sandwiches and salads bought from Eurodeli, a popular food chain.

Sandwiches at the FSA booth are 5 LE cheaper than those at Cilantro and Mercato Italiano.

“Where the school fails to provide, we have stepped in and [are] trying to [find] solutions,” said Andrew Clark, FSA president.

Meanwhile, the sign next to the “SU Market” reads No more hunger!

The SU Market offers soda cans and snacks such as potato chips and chocolates at prices similar to those of the old campus AUC cafeteria. Soda cans at the SU market are 2 LE, while those at Jared’s Bagels, for example, are 3 LE.

SU member Aya Hamed said, “We’re trying to provide an alternative solution. We try to see what fits best to AUC students and bring them what they’ve been used to.”

According to Hamed, SU members pay daily visits to retail markets to meet demand.  “The profits which we obtain are used to buy more products for the next day,” she added.



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2 responses to “Student organizations step in to resolve food shortage

  1. Mercato Italiano? Is Italian food big on the campuses of Egypt? Falafels are pretty big on the campuses of the UK – loving the global food exchange… 🙂

  2. Maha Khalil

    OK, I know the SU is trying to help, and we appreciate it – but this is ridiculus and it is not the proper solution for the problem!

    It is not the SU or the student organizations’ responsibility to waste time and resources to feed the AUC commuminty! What we should do is to somehow protest and campaign to demand to have what we used to have on old campus. It’s simply unacceptable!

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