Students given green light for alternative food sales

By Nicholas Gerda

After meeting with President David Arnold and several administrators on Sunday, the Foreign Students Association (FSA) was given formal permission today by food provider Delicious, Inc. to continue independent food sales from their booth.

An e-mail sent to FSA by Delicious Inc.’s representative, Dalia Mattar, expressed support for temporary food sales by the group. The e-mail follows a week of verbal and written requests by the consortium asking FSA to stop selling food.

An exclusivity contract between AUC and Delicious, Inc. requires student organizations to submit a request in order to sell food not provided by the consortium.

“We obviously have a food problem and I think creative solutions to solve the problem are encouraged and welcome,” said Arnold in a meeting with student representatives on Sunday.

“I think we have to improvise and come up with some creative solutions. You know, apples and salads and sandwiches will have to do until we get to the sushi stage, or until we can get to the fuul and tameyya outlet.”



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4 responses to “Students given green light for alternative food sales

  1. What'swrongwithyou

    What is wrong with everyone. Complaints complaints complaints. Suddenly all of AUC seems spoiled to me. OH my .,.. we can’t wait for the sushi to be available on campus. Of course it’s a great campus .. stop complaining and start enjoying it or dealing with it whichever comes first. Everything is gonna get fixed when contractors deliver so stop the wining .. now really !!!

  2. sick

    Oh my God, we only have Nutella on campus, the tragedy! Seriously, what is wrong with people? The university is making an effort and it saved us from the dirty, noisy, disgusting campus that we were in before. There were no places to sit, for God’s sake! A fox by the window and a girl is complaining she will not come to university? She makes it sound like wolves are hanging out by the plaza. The new campus is fine and whoever thinks that this is not the experience they were looking for when they left their country, then they can just go back and save us the headache!

  3. Bra'tac

    am i the only one who thinks sushi served on campus is a travesty?

  4. S

    First of all I’d like to point out one important point. If any sane human thinks about which is a priority is it the food or the completion of classes? Should the admin leave the classes and go check out the food issues for the people who are not willing to use the temporary outlets or get their own homemade food? The food is an issue that we as students could solve on our own until the main food court and dining hall will open. Hearing the students complaints makes a person feel that they walk around watch people die from hunger and thirst! We are just making it harder for everyone, including ourselves, I am not saying dont complain but there is a limit for everything!

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