You must leave hotels, AUC tells stunned students

By Riham El Houshi

Some international students broke down in tears last night after learning The American University in Cairo cannot keep them in their hotels.

On-campus housing they signed up for during the summer is still under construction, and the hotels they are currently living in will be occupied for a political conference at the end of the month.

At a meeting last night, students were given three options by university officials: move to the Dusit Thani Lake View, a resort still being built on the Maadi-Kattameya road; move to Maadi hotel, located 15 minutes from downtown, or stay in the hotel, but take a vacation during the conference.

Currently, 400 students live at hotels owned by the Egyptian Army in Heliopolis and Nasr City. AUC’s contract with the hotels expires in October, and the hotels are booked at the end of the month for the National Democratic Party conference.

AUC President David Arnold announced last week it would be the end of November before on-campus dormitories are complete. The university has also extended its deadline for withdrawal from the dormitories.

Students staying in the Engineering Division hotel and the Infantry Division hotel can choose to stay in the hotels, however beds are limited.

The option for a vacation is a three-day trip to the Red Sea. However, according to Ayah Abdin, resident assistant, this option is only open to students staying at two of the three hotels.


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One response to “You must leave hotels, AUC tells stunned students

  1. Nader Wahba

    Wow the fox article got way more comments than this more serious issue. I just want to know what was AUC thinking when they booked the hotel for only 2 month? did they expect people to move out after settling in and then move out and then study and feel comfortable and carry on business as usual…I think AUC is trying to screw someone, again.

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