AUC students are California dreamin’

By Mona Elkalban

Students from The American University in Cairo going abroad to study are most likely to end up at The University of California.

At an informational session about the International Study Abroad program at Mansour Hall yesterday, students learned about applying to foreign schools.

American schools were at the top of the lists of attendees wanting to go overseas. The most popular choices were The University of California, The University of Massachusetts, and Penn State.

“Study Abroad is becoming a popular demand from the students,” said Rana El-Harty, Assistant to Associate Provost for International Programs. “It is definitely increasing and the students who join this program always end up wanting to extend their stay.”

AUC students who already spent a semester overseas were on hand to encourage applicants.

“It was such an amazing experience,” said Nada Etreby, a returning Study Abroad student from James Madison University in Virginia. “The people were so kind and it seemed as if the university was the center of everything!”

There is plenty of competition to get into the foreign school of your choice.

But attendees learned some institutions accept more foreign students, because they send more of their students overseas too. The University of California has traditionally accepted the most AUC students, because it has sent a number of its students to AUC.

Some questioned if the unfinished AUC campus has provoked more students to plan to study abroad in the upcoming semesters.

So far, twenty-five applicants have applied for the program, with more prospective students still completing their application process.

“It’s not about the AUC campus at all,” El-Harty said. “It’s about the experience, academics, and what they hear from their friends abroad.”

She added, “None of the returning Study Abroad students have complained about their stay abroad. Some were disappointed at first because they did not get accepted into their first choice university, but were happy that they did not withdraw because they ended up having a wonderful experience.”

The word of advice that Harty had to all prospective Study Abroad students was to be aware of the deadlines, and to start the process early.

Students going overseas left the meeting excited.

“It’s going to be a whole new experience for me and I just can’t wait,” said Jasmin Mamdouh, a political science freshman. “I just hope that I don’t come back disappointed.”


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