How is your commute to school?

Photo by Mohamed Mahmoud

Students and faculty coming to school on Route 6 had a cramped ride from Nasr City. How have your commutes to AUC been like? Let us know at



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3 responses to “How is your commute to school?

  1. Ride the Bus

    Rumors of the jump seats being removed are greatly exaggerated. Yesterday our bus not only had jump seats but they also allowed people to sit in them counter to earlier claims of banning these dangerous seats.

  2. Magda J

    The jump seats are a safety hazard.
    Despite the formation of a bus committee, changes are not consistently implemented and/or integrated. Family Transport seems to ignore the changes recommended by the committee and the poor bus drivers are caught in the middle–afraid of being reprimanded or fired if they institute the changes or being fussed at by riders if they do not. This is a major mess!

  3. Abdelrahman

    Buses are MESS!

    Saturday, I couldn’t figure out when exactly the bus leaves, they changed the timings but didn’t update the website, so I simply missed the 10 oclock bus! and the next bus would reach the new campus 45 mins after my appointment!

    And today, I had to wait for the Maadi for at least 15 mins after the scheduled time.. The bus took off the new campus at around 7:30 instead of 7:15… And I can’t find a way to describe the how bad the driver was, he was literally flying through the bumps of the road. It felt like riding a rolocoster! I know the road has bumps, and the driver has nothing to do with it, but the thing is… I have no idea why he was speeding up in a street that is full of bumps!

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