University bus collides with Pajero on the desert road

By Nader Ramadan

On the way to Kattemeya campus, the Route 4 Heliopolis university bus collided with the rear end of a black Pajero on the Suez Desert Road this morning.

The accident happened when a black Pajero slowed down in the middle of the road while attempting to make a U-turn and the bus approached the rear end of the Pajero at a high speed. In an attempt to stop in time, the bus driver hit the breaks quickly and failed to avoid the collision.

Some astonished passengers were thrown forward from their seats due to the lack of seatbelts.

After the accident, both drivers pulled over to the side of the road to inspect the damage and started to quarrel.

The damage to both vehicles was minimal and the verbal clash was over within minutes.

No injuries were reported in the incident. 

This is the second incident involving a collision of one of Family Transport’s buses. The first was on Oct. 20, when a bus collided with a construction tractor on the Kattameya Road. 


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One response to “University bus collides with Pajero on the desert road

  1. Omar Badr

    Any these will continue to happen if the bus drivers continued to drive like they do! Which is too fast!

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