Eaayiziin Fuul! Eaayiziin Koshary!

Watch and listen to students protesting at The American University in Cairo.



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4 responses to “Eaayiziin Fuul! Eaayiziin Koshary!

  1. And...

    Seriously, there is a LIMIT for everything… and this way crossed over the limit…
    There could have been a more respectable way to sound our demands…

  2. really....?

    sure there is a limit for everything, which includes students’ patience, tolerance and trust……
    the administration didn’t listen to any of the previous attempts of students to voice their concerns………so the administration crossed the line first, and students shouldn’t be forced to back down……

  3. Mona.

    I was so lucky to graduate last Spring before I am forced to witness any of this mess. I visited the new campus for the first time last Saturday on the employment fair – and seriously guys, all I have to say is good luck. I can’t believe such mess and chaos and I can’t believe such exaggerated expenses you have to deal with. If I had to pay that amount daily for food and drinks and coffee on a normal school day, I wouldn’t have made a strike – but would have rather broken into the Registrar (or whatever it is now) and took the money I need from their wallets by force – metaphorically… maybe not.

    Good luck.

  4. Dina

    Had they have waited a few days later to do the protest, they would have gotten their fool and koshary when the food court opened. Probably best that people research things before they protest in ignorance.

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