Nine injured in third accident involving AUC bus service

familybusBy Caravan Staff

The American University in Cairo reported that a Family Transport bus was involved in an accident on Saturday, the third such incident since the school semester began.

The minibus was carrying 22 AUC custodial staff when it hit a large truck on the Ring Road at 4 p.m., about 23 kilometers from the campus near of the JW Marriott, according to an AUC release.

Twelve passengers were taken to a hospital, nine were treated for minor injuries, the release said. 

This is the third accident involving a Family Transport bus, which has been hired by AUC for transport services on a $2 million contract.

Last week, a bus coming from Heliopolis collided with the rear end of a black Pajero on the Suez Desert Road.

The first incident was on Oct. 20, when a bus collided with a construction tractor on the Kattameya Road. No one was injured in that accident.

University officials said in their contract with Family Transport, the bus service provides for liability in the case of a serious accident. However, some legal experts say AUC is not indemnified if a passenger were to sue them for injuries sustained in an accident.

For more on AUC’s possible legal liability with Family Transport, read this week’s Caravan, out now.


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