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Drivers to undergo training after fourth bus crash

By Ingy Hassieb

A Family Transport bus carrying students and staff heading to the downtown campus crashed into a sand truck Sunday afternoon near the Maadi exit off the Ring Road.

Director of Facilities and Operations Sherif Sadek said that the sand truck was backing-up on the road and the bus driver couldn’t control the vehicle in time but luckily nobody suffered from any injuries.

Another bus was sent to the scene right after the accident to take the passengers to their original destination in downtown Cairo where a nurse from the AUC clinic was waiting to ensure the physical and mental well-being of everyone on the bus.

The crash is the fourth since the move to the Kattameya campus a semester ago. Last November nine staff members were injured when a bus hit a truck at the Ring Road, a week after another bus collided with a Pajero near the entrance to Heliopolis

“The issue is they are professional drivers, they should know what to do in situations like this,” said Sadek.

Sadek added that he was “not satisfied” with the standard of driver’s employed by Family Transport, the company that won a $2 million contract to be AUCians mode of commuting from Cairo to Kattameya. According to Sadek, all drivers will undergo in two weeks training on defensive driving as well as customer service and communication skills.

“Two weeks after training begins we can expect the drivers to present us with services that will meet our standards,” said Sadek.

Another bus was said to have crashed yesterday as well but Sadek said that it merely grazed another car involved in a three-vehicle crash in the buses route.

“Please complain,” said Sadek explaining that complain forms have been placed in a booth right outside Gate Four where the buses enter and leave the campus. According to Sadek a representative from the transportation office is present there at times to receive complaints from students or faculty about anything from bad driving to bad attitude.


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